The year of the app

Dominique Trudeau, ECD at Taxi Montréal, gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect to see on smartphones in the south of France this summer.

To herald the inaugural year of the Cannes Mobile Lions, festival organizers are issuing a series of event-specific apps for the 2012 edition. Though some are clearly designed for newcomers, many may also prove useful to habitual attendees.

Schmoozing in 7 Languages

Switch effortlessly from small talk in English, French, Cantonese, Japanese, Scottish, Brazilian-Portuguese and Thai. Free

Judge Spotter

Using visual recognition software, this app alerts you to the presence of jury members within a 20-ft. radius. Search feature for family bios and favourite cocktails of jury presidents only. $9.99

Lion Localizer

Leave your Lion lying on the beach or languishing at some bar? As of 2012, all Lions are equipped with GPS tracking devices, making it easy to retrieve yours with minimal humiliation. Free

Cheap Date Finder

Forego the pricey foreplay in bars along the Croisette and hook up with fellow festival-goers who are ready to get down. Geo-targeting identifi es candidates in your immediate vicinity. Free

Alibi App

Sip rosé on the beach all day and still talk shop at sunset, thanks to real-time updates from the day’s seminars and screenings. Added option allows you to pixelate your face in compromising photos. Free or $2.99 with pixelator

Bouncer Bumper

Bouncers are often the only thing standing between you and an excellent evening. With a simple bump, instantly transfer funds to any Cannes bouncer’s phone and watch the rope drop. $49.99


Published in Strategy magazine, May 29, 2012

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